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July 2017

  • July 15th: Carol Whitton will be giving a presentation about German, genealogical research, at 10 a.m. at the Higher Education Building. Carol is a certified genealogist specializing in German genealogical research, is currently the Project Director for the St. Louis Genealogical Society, and is the head of the German Interest Group that is a part of StLGS. This is going to be a wonderful presentation that will offer insight into exploring the German parts of your heritage.
  • July 22nd, 12 p.m. – 5 p.m. 1st Annual Wall of Honor BBQ hosted by the Perry County Military History Museum. This is a perfect opportunity to visit the Perry County Museum next to the Wall of Honor!
  • August 12th, 10:00 a.m.- PCHS has partnered with KRCU out of Cape Girardeau to be a part of their “Dear Heartland” project. There will be a presentation about oral history, how to save your family stories, and participants are invited to take part in the “Dear Heartland” interview. Please see more about this event below. Event will take place in the Higher Education Building, on the 2nd floor, in the Doheny room and Library.
  • August 26th, 9 a.m. – 12 p.m. Perry County Museum Work Day. Everyone welcome! Come see what goes on behind the scenes at museums, while helping our Curators clean, repair, and organize the collections.

January 2017

Recent Happenings, by Director Sara Moore:

  1. We received a $250 Grant from Thrivent Financial so the PCHS is able to host an event for the Faherty House. I am in contact with a Mr. Mark Brewer who is a Boy Scout Troop Leader.  He has about 10-12 boys from middle school to high school who may assist us with the cleaning of the cast iron pots and utensils that are on display in the Faherty House kitchen cellar.  This event will not only promote interest in the Faherty House but will also grant the Boy Scout Troop a pronounced learning historical experience.  I plan for the event to be held in January 2017.
  2. The volunteers are finished with physically moving the circuit clerk records into archival safe boxes. They are also finished with inventorying a list of the records.
  3. We received our new updated Faherty House brochures. Be sure to pick one up at our office or at the Chamber of Commerce so you can plan a visit!


If you have any questions on the following events please contact Director Sara Moore at 573-768-2470.

Our very own Tyson Koenig will speak on his research and work as an Archivist at Southeast Missouri State University (SEMO).  This will be an exciting chance to learn what research materials the Archive at SEMO can provide.  His presentation will be on Saturday January 28th 2017 at our library and archive center in the Dohney Room on the 2nd floor.  Lecture will start at 10:00 a.m.  Don’t miss out!

On Saturday February 25th 2017 we will have a special guest speaker!  William R. “Bill” Eddleman, Ph.D will present the how-tos with land records.  This invaluable information will assist you in locating your family farm and more!  Researching land records can be tricky, however, with this lecture you will come out with a better understanding on the proper way to research land ownership and records.  This event will take place at our library and archive center in the Doheny Room on the 2nd floor.  It will start at 10:30 a.m.

The Perry County Historical Society and the Perry County Military History Museum will be participating and hosting Business After Hours next year.  The event will be held on Thursday, March 2nd 2017 from 4:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. at our library and archive center.  Snack foods and non-alcoholic drinks will be served.  We hope to see you there!


CLOSED! The Perry County Historical Society Office/Library/Archive will be closed due to the Christmas Holiday. We will be closed Monday Dec. 26th to Thursday Dec. 29th. We will reopen on Monday January 2nd 2017.

November 14, 2016 Meeting

Recent Happenings, Sara Moore, Director:

  1. We received quite a few donations since our last meeting. We received a gorgeous wedding dress that was donated to the Perry County Museum and will be displayed and housed there.  We also received a thorough family history research book that will be housed and kept in our research library and archive center.  We were donated items that contained information on Cyril Brewer of Perry County.  We were sent a family history book by Gerald F. Mouser.  The book is titled The Origins of our Wengler Ancestors, including the Krengel, Schumer, Spickerman, Geile and Henneke Families. This book will be kept in our research library for our researchers.
  1. We now have a Facebook Forum. If you go to our Facebook page, look on the left side of the page and you will see a list of tabs.  The fourth one down from the HOME tab is a tab that says FORUM.  Click it.  Once you click it you can post something on the forum.  We welcome you to post topics and discussions on this forum.
  1. We are half way complete with putting the circuit court records into new archival safe boxes.
  1. My presentation at the Cape County Archive Center in late September had to be rescheduled to November 22, 2016. It will be at the Cape County Archive in Jackson at 7:00 p.m.  The lecture will still cover the Perry County Genealogical Research Library and Archive Center.

September 12, 2016 Meeting

Recent Happenings Sara Moore, Director:

  1. Received invitation by President Dr. Bill Eddleman of the Cape Girardeau County Genealogical Society to present a program on the Perry County Genealogical Research Library and Archive Center on (Tuesday) September 27th. The program being presented at the Cape Girardeau County Archive Center in Jackson, MO at 7:00 P.M. will cover what the center can provide for the surrounding communities and the vast information concerning Perry County.
  2. Found a possible award from the National Council of Public History that our library and archive center could compete in. Deadline is December 1st of this year.  We will have to pick a project that has been completed in the last year.  I will do more research on the submission guidelines for this award.
  3. I got in contact with Greg Olsen, Curator of Exhibits and Special Projects, who gave information on the Secretary of State’s map exhibit. The exhibit is currently being loaned out and will return back to Jefferson City in February, 2017.
  4. The conservation materials from our grant arrived. We will begin our Circuit Court records project around the first week of September.  I estimate this project will take about 21-25 weeks to complete.
  5. The Officers and I met with a member of Acclaim Press to discuss the possibility of making another pictorial history book.

July 11, 2016 Meeting

Sara Moore is planning an event for Perry County and our surrounding counties.  The Secretary of State has a traveling map exhibit and we wish to promote and have this exhibit to be viewed in our county.  Sara Moore is making tentative plans to include also our big 1857 Plat Map of Perry County for this event.  She anticipates planning this exhibit and showing in the fall of this year.

We have another Faherty House tour scheduled for June 25, Saturday.

Sara would like to give attention that PCHS is still collecting stories about information on dance halls/bands.  Any information or pictures for us to copy would be immensely helpful for an article in our heritage.  We would love to hear from you.

We will be selling quilt tickets at the store Alps on Saturday July 16 from 9:30 a.m. to 1 p.m.. This event is subject to cancelation in case of rain or extreme heat.

Sara caught up with Renae Farris.  The Secretary of State Board of Director’s have met discussing the chosen applicants for the Local Records Grant we applied for in March.  Letters will be mailed soon to see which applicants will be receiving grant money.

We also applied to receive Thrivent Choice Donations.  We are waiting on our application to be reviewed.

We applied for another US Bank Grant this year and are waiting to be reviewed.

We had our Lecturer Bill Eddleman present also for an hour on the census.

March: Most of March was spending time with patrons, answering inquiries, getting everything set up for the St. Louis History Conference, and preparing for the Perry County Plat Map to come home.  It was also used to get articles together for the upcoming 2016 Heritage.

Special thanks to Frank Masters and Connie Johnson for their wonderful book donations to add to our library!

April 2, 2016: St. Louis Family History Genealogical Conference was this day. Our table was one of the busiest tables at the conference.  We met with Tim Dollen, who is the President of the State Historical Society. They hold an annual members meeting. They look for locations for the State Convention. Could it be possible that a convention from the State Historical Society could be held here in Perryville? Sara got his contact information. She spoke with him and he would be willing to come to Perryville to lecture on genealogical topics.

Trish Gormely gave suggestions for lectures: Ray De Rousse, Carol Whitton, Ken Webb, Ann Fleming (DNA), Ilene Murray, Bob Goode.

Sara has been getting some inquiries on how to maintain old forgotten cemeteries. The woman who does this is La Donna Garner who is a part of LeafSeekers. She also does more topics and will send a list. She does have a fee.

Dana spoke with Keith E. Ellbrecht, who is with Acclaim Press. This could be a connection for future books we want to publish. For example another Pictorial Book and the Bi-Centennial. There is no financial obligation. Acclaim Press would earn 5% on pre sale. They put the entire book together and advertise. They would send brochures to the entire county for info and presale.

We reconnected with people from the State Archives, the State Historical Society and the St. Louis History Museum.

We sat next to the Jefferson County Historical Society. They have a conference in High Ridge on Oct 15, 2016 from 9-4. We could possibly go to make connections and spread the word about our archive center.

April 5, 2016: Our 1857 Plat Map is coming home on Wednesday the 27th of April. The map will be kept in our archive storage room.

April 15, 2016: We had our first Faherty House Tour of the year on April 15th. It was great getting the Faherty House tours started again. We had a Girl Scout Troop come in and they absolutely loved it. They even had time to play a little house…which I am sure was much different for them between present day and the early 1800’s. Special thanks to Shannon Clifton for bringing the lovely young ladies to the historical home. Shannon mentioned that she would get in touch with other troops for future possible tours.

April 19, 2016: We are planning another lecture on the census and how the use of probate records can assist in filling those holes in your tree. Make sure you are following the correct steps!

“Spring Break For MAC”–Due Next week due to Spring Break for MAC the PCHS Office/Library/Archive will be closed from March 7th-11th. We will open back up on Monday the 14th at 8:00 a.m

January 19, 2016: Sara spoke with Bill Eddleman to speak about publishing the 1915 plat map with illustrations that will be a useful finding aid for our patrons.

January 20, 2016: Sara was contacted by Amy Moorman who is with the Missouri State Archives. They have received the draft narrative that would go with the glass negatives. Amy will contact Sara when the negatives are up online. We will then provide a link for our members and community so they may view the negatives as well.

January 27, 2016: The Circuit Court Wills from 1922-1971 have been successfully moved to the archive storage room. With this, researchers now have more accessibility to recent wills. Special Thanks to the Circuit Clerk’s Office, County Clerk’s Office, and Rotary Club for your time and labor with this move!


February 2, 2016: A new inventory for the ever growing library is being worked on. Thank you Shirley Berry for assisting us on this project!

February 10, 2016: Sara will be preparing for the St. Louis Genealogical Society Conference in April. She contacted the St. Louis Genealogical Society to make sure our table was secure for this upcoming conference. Sara Moore and Dana Farrow will be tending to the PCHS table.

February 15, 2016: Sara will be finishing up a new Faherty House Brochure in time for future tours this summer. Sara is tentatively planning the next lecture that will be provided sometime this spring.

February 18, 2016: We will be discussing plans for Mayfest. We plan on setting up a tent and table this year. Be on the lookout for us!

November 16-17, 2015: The Perry County received an award of recognition from the Missouri Association of Counties. Information from the Perry County Republic Monitor.

November 18, 2015: We had researchers from out of town spend the day at the Preston Cemetery. We escorted them to the site and it couldn’t have been a better day to tromp along the graves and meet their ancestors.

December 1, 2015: We received a $750 dollar grant from Steven Puchbauer, Branch Manager of U.S. Bank in Perryville. The society will be using the grant to further their efforts to promote Perry County’s history and heritage through record preservation, retention and maintenance. Picture of President Trish Erzfeld, Director Sara Moore, and Branch Manager of U.S. Bank in Perryville Steven Puchbauer.

US Bank Historical 2015 #2

December 8, 2015: The Historical Society received a generous donation of genealogy research from Pat Liedtke. Thank you Pat for your wonderful additions to our Research Library/Archive.

December 10, 2015: Director Sara Moore will be working on getting hands-on workshops and presentations together hosted by the Historical Society to provide more for our community for the upcoming year.  Keep a lookout for these exciting events.

December 14, 2015: We have our glass negatives back in our care. The negatives will be up on the Missouri River Heritage Website soon!

“FamilySearch Workshop”– Our First Workshop was a complete success. Thank you all who have supported us through this process. Pat Stamm, our lecturer, was absolutely amazing. We have had wonderful feedback with this workshop that we do plan to host another FamilySearch Workshop in the near future. Our Historical Society also plans to setup more workshops that cover a variety of topics such as how to handle and conserve old books, how to follow your family back to their roots, how to read a census, and various other fun presentations.


IMG_2035 (1)

“Recent Happenings Within The Society”–October 26, 2015–

In August and September: Trish Erzfeld, Thomas Frasher, and Susan Frasher filled out a $250 Thrivent Grant through Thrivent Financial.  The Historical Society was awarded this grant. The $250 grant will be used for future workshops, much needed materials, and for the continued growth of the Historical Society.

September 21, 2015: A group of Perryville High School students came to the Perryville Area Higher Education Center to attend a lecture in Nuclear Age.  A little over 50 students attended. The Perry County Historical Society was able to provide a speech to the students to spread awareness of the Historical Society as well as our Library/Archive Research Center.

September 25, 2015: Archivist Renae Farris has contacted Director Sara Moore concerning the Glass Negatives. The board has accepted them to be a part of their Missouri Digital Heritage.  The Glass Negatives will be picked up by Renae Farris December 2, 2015 for a short term loan. During this loan the State Archives will process and scan the negatives for the Missouri Digital Heritage Website.

September 30, 2015: Around 10 Rotary Members came to the Historical Society archive to volunteer their time and labor.  Thank you very much Rotary Members for cleaning out the Archive Storage Room!

October 4, 2015: President Trish Erzfeld and Director Sara Moore attended the Lutheran Heritage Research Center and Museum in Altenburg.  There was also a presentation in the celebration of the Tenth Anniversary  of the Lutheran Heritage Center Museum and Family Research Library.  Lecturer that presented was Mr. Ken Craft.  His presentation covered “Hard Times in Perry County: 1840-1880-Case Studies in Researching Probate and Guardianship Records.”

October 7, 2015: The FamilySearch Workshop is completely booked! We are excited to provide this service to our community.  For those who were unable to sign up, if the workshop is received well, we plan to arrange another workshop in the near future.

October 8, 2015: Making definitive plans for the FamilySearch Workshop.  Food, advertisements, pamphlets were discussed.

October 12, 2015: John Rauh and Mike Bullerdieck fixed the microfilm reader/scanner/printer that was temporarily out of order. It turned out to be a blown fused.  For just $8.00 and for John Rauh’s and Mike Bullerdieck’s labor the Historical Society is back to having two working microfilm reader/scanner/printers within our library. Thank you John Rauh and Mike Bullerdieck for your amazing assistance with this issue.

October 14, 2015: New updated brochures came in for the Perry County Historical Society and for the Perry County Museum.

October 17, 2015: The FamilySearch Workshop was held this day.  A little over 22 people attended the workshop.  Breakfast and lunch was provided. This workshop was very well received by our patrons and they left with invaluable information.  We are eager to get another workshop going soon.

October 22, 2015: On this date, Vice President Dana Farrow and Director Sara Moore will be attending a Local Grants Workshop hosted by the State Archives.  With this new information it will assist in filling out future grants through the State Archives that will be beneficial to the Historical Society as well as to the community.

“Recent Happenings Within The Society”–September 28, 2015–

July 15, 2015: Plans were finalized for the Perry County Historical Society to host a Workshop on Saturday, October 17th, from 10am-3pm.

July 30, 2015: The PCHS Archive/Library, Perry County Museum, and Faherty House were added to the Trip Advisory Website to promote our sites to travelers.

August 3, 2015:  Sara Moore is evaluating a donated computer to determine if it could be used by patrons in our Library/Archive Center.  The college computers are no longer available for patron use without a Mineral Area ID.  Any assistance in this would be greatly appreciated.

August 6th, 2015: Thank you to our first Rotary Club volunteers!  The Society hopes to receive more volunteers and interns in the future for the Library/Archive Center.

August 10, 2015:  Dana Farrow ordered the 1940 Census on microfilm on indefinite loan from

August 19, 2015: An Executive Board meeting was held to review office and research expenses.  Due to the amount of time conducting research for patrons and making copies, the following solution was recommended: copies from the Library $0.50/page, copies from Archive $1.00/page, research $15 per hour plus cost of copies; with free look-up to determine if any information is available in the archive. These rates will take effect September 1, 2015.

New brochures for the Library and Archive Center are being designed to include the exciting new features we have added since opening in March 2015.  We plan to have new brochures complete in time for the Family Search Workshop in October.

Mr. Terry Thrall contacted Sara Moore to let her know he will be sending the first batch of Faherty House family scrapbooks and newspapers in the next 2 weeks.

August 20, 2015: Sara Moore has been researching grants that the Perry County Historical Society may qualify for.  More information on this as it becomes available.

The St. Louis Genealogical Society will be having their 45th Annual Family History Conference on Saturday, April 2, 2016 in St. Louis.  Mark your calendars if you might be interested in attending.

September 8, 2015:  Thank you Norma and Ruth Weinkein for donating the filing cabinet for the Historical Society Office.

September 10, 2015: There will be two buses filled with Perryville High School Students that will be at a presentation and taking a tour around the Perryville Higher Education Center. The PCHS will have the opportunity to give a tour of the office/library/archive to the students.

September 14, 2015: Thank you to Mr. Terry Thrall for the donation of the Faherty family historic photographs, letters and newspaper clippings.

Since our last meeting in July, the Society has made almost 1,600 dollars.  There have been about 80 visitors and patrons that visited the Society Office/Library/Archive, each with their own inquiry that needed to be filled out and completed.

“Executive Meeting”–August 19, 2015–An Executive Board meeting was called to order in review of office and research expenses.  The following decisions have been made. Copies from the Library $0.50, Copies from Archive $1.00, Research $15 per hour plus cost of copies, with free look-up to see if any information is available. These rates will take effect September 1, 2015.

“Upcoming Workshop”–July 30, 2015

Mark Your Calendars Everyone! The Perry County Historical Society is Hosting a FamilySearch Workshop on October 17th (Saturday) from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. This workshop will provide you with exciting tips, tricks, and a thorough overview of

Certified Genealogist and Lecturer Pat Stamm will be speaking and guiding you through this workshop. Pat Stamm will make this workshop both interesting and exciting for you!

The workshop will cost $7 for Non-Members and $5 for Members which includes lunch.

There is limited seating so sign up now! You can mail your check to Perry County Historical Society P.O. Box 97 Perryville, MO 63775.

Please contact Director Sara Moore at 573-768-2470 or if you have any questions or want more information.

We hope to see you there!

“East Perry County Cultural Alliance”–July

President Trish Erzfeld was the honorary guest speaker for the East Perry County Cultural Alliance Annual Meeting in July. Congratulations Trish!

IMG_0141 IMG_0142

“It’s Official”–July 6, 2015

The Perry County Historical Society has just received our contract stating that the Perry County Genealogical Society Research Library and Archive Center is the newest FamilySearch Affiliate Library. Our patrons will now have access to the microfilm collection of the largest genealogical library in the world. The collection includes over 2.4 million rolls and 727,000 microfiche of microfilmed genealogical records spanning the globe.

“Moving Microfilm”–June 3, 2015

President Trish Erzfeld, 2nd Vice President Dana Farrow, Executive Director Sara Moore, and with the assistance of one of the Historical Society’s volunteers Marvin Pratt, the microfilm from the Perry County Library has been moved to it’s new home at the Perry County Historical Society Office located at the  Perryville Area Higher Education Center. Researchers will now have more information at their disposal with the microfilm and research records all in one place.

“National Genealogical Society Conference”–May 17, 2015


Exciting News!

President Trish Erzfeld, 2nd Vice President Dana Farrow, and Director Sara Moore, attended the National Genealogical Society Conference this past Friday in St. Charles. They connected with many different organizations and societies at the conference to spread the word about the Perry County Historical Society.

Here is our exciting news!

Our PCHS Genealogical Research Library and Archive Center
will become a Family History Center for the Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (ie. Family Search based in Utah). For those of you who aren’t aware, Family Search is a free web service for genealogy researchers. The Society will be assisting them with their extensive collection of microfilm!

The Missouri State Archives is interested in digitizing a collection from Perry County to give us more exposure on the Missouri Digital Heritage website they have.

The State Genealogy Society has links to historical areas of significance in Missouri, to which our society is listed. They will be providing updates for the society.

The Missouri Genealogy Society is very interested in our facility and wants a tour.

We made many other contacts and we are extremely excited with the connections we made. The society just keeps on growing!

Thank you everyone for your support!

“New Hours”–May 17, 2015

Due to the Perryville Higher Education Center Summer Hours, the Perry County Historical Society office will have new hours starting May 18th-August 17th. The hours will be Monday-Thursday 8:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m. or by appointment.

“Lewis and Clark Traveling Exhibit Ends”–April 27, 2015

The Lewis and Clark Traveling Exhibit was taken down on April 23, 2015. It was a positive and great turn out for the Perry County Historical Society. The exhibit is now in Altenburg, L and C ExhibitMO. The Perry County Historical Society plans on exhibiting more exhibits for the community to enjoy.

Lewis and Clark Traveling Exhibit to visit Perryville” — March 30, 2015

The Perry County Historical Society has announced that it will be hosting the Lewis and Clark Traveling Exhibit from Jefferson City next month. The exhibit will be held at the Perryville Higher Education Center. The address is 108 South Progress Drive Perryville, MO 63775. The exhibit will be on display starting Wednesday, April 1st to April 23rd. The exhibit will be open Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, 8 a.m.-5 p.m., and Wednesdays 12 p.m.-8 p.m. The society also will have a Saturday April 11th open for viewing from 1-5 p.m. Patrons will have the pleasure of viewing and following the trails on the maps that portray the Missouri River and discover the first precise layout of their Expedition campsites and… (MORE)

Archive center and library now open” — March 17, 2015
In what Perry County Historical Society President Trish Erzfeld called a fitting tribute, the official opening of the ceremony to dedicate the space of the Perry County Genealogical Research Library and Archive Center began with the ringing of an antique schoolhouse bell. (MORE)

Perry County Historical Society grand opening/new office location” — March 14, 2015
OpeningPerry County Historical Society, President Trish Erzfeld welcoming the public to the new location of the Genealogical Research Library and Archive Center in the Perryville Area Higher Education Center on the 2nd floor at 108 Progress Drive. Billie Mills, the first president of the society/local historian and Nancy Moore another local historian/society member are seated to the left and both gave a short speech. The library/archive records are now more accessible to the public as the society has hired director-Sara Moore to have the office, research library and archive center open several days a week starting Monday, March 16th, 2015.

PCMH donates to Historical Society” — August 30, 2011
A historical medical device that was once recognized for its lifesaving qualities at Perry County Memorial Hospital will be featured in a local museum. The Perry County Historical Society was recently presented with the Oxygen-Air Pressure Lock, a medical device that was donated… (MORE)


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